Investment Boutique is a carefully selected range of offers

Investing is the ability to avoid mistakes. In finance, we seek peace of mind - not emotions
Investment boutique  is a meticulously selected set of original Michael / Ström offers – solutions developed with co-operation with external partners. It’s also a range of best products offered by other financial market institutions.

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Investment boutique

Michael / Ström’s philosophy

We are traditionalists when it comes to investing. We concentrate on simple and clear solutions, based on solid foundations. We believe that in a long run stability and repeatability reaps more reward than the promise of quick gain on high-risk investments. That’s why we have always cherished peace of mind, not emotions.

Investment offer

Investment Boutique is a meticulously selected set of offers by Michael / Ström and its external partners. It’s also a range of best products offered by other financial market institutions. While selecting the right offers, we do our best to provide tools for building a balanced portfolio. Our aim is to constantly search for and deliver interesting offers to our investors, so that they can increase the value of investment in a conscious and responsible way.

6 investment principles

  • We value the peace of mind of our Clients, that’s why we concentrate on low- and medium-risk solutions.
  • Quality, not quantity, of products matter to us.
  • We want our Clients to invest in a conscious and responsible way.
  • We promote diversification.
  • In finance we look for peace of mind, not emotions.
  • We guarantee reasonable and transparent system of fees and commissions

Information about selected financial instruments

We never seize to search for and deliver offers to our investors, 
which enable them to build the value of their 
diversified investment portfolio.

As part of the Investment Boutique we offer numerous detailed solutions, such as:

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