The company’s mission

Everyone is different. We have different passions, needs and plans. But what we all have in common is the need to seek harmony in the world of finance. Michael / Ström Brokerage House offers a range of clear and simple solutions which will help you build your investment portfolio so that it works effectively.

Our experience and values we believe in are a great asset for those who expect efficiency and professional support in all corporate finance and investment banking transactions.

Who we are

The values we share

  • Professionalism Every task is a challenge. Its fulfillment reflects on our commitment to excellence.
  • Commitment Our work has become our passion. We invest a lot of energy into it every day.
  • Effectiveness Doing a good job is not enough. You need to work effectively to always meet your goals.
  • Openness We share the drive to progress and develop our competencies. That’s why we draw new experiences and knowledge from the world every single day.
  • Trust Step by step we’re building partner-like relationship with our clients, because we know trust must be earned.

Benefits of co-operation

  • Effectiveness in business What matters the most is efficient and effective reaching of the set goals.
  • Partnership Our Clients are our Partners. Meeting their targets is a priority for us.
  • Competitiveness Highest quality goes hand in hand with a clear and attractive system of fees and commissions.
  • Transparency We strive for simple and clear solutions. We focus on specifics.
  • Highly qualified staff Our staff is our greatest asset. Best specialists in the field account for the team’s strength and capabilities.


Michael / Ström Brokerage House is founded mainly on high competencies, which come from vast experience and extraordinary knowledge. Among us are licensed investment advisors, stock brokers and CFA charterholders. Our specialists have gained experience working in many financial institutions and making transactions amounting to several billion zlotys altogether. We’ve built a company we’re proud of.

Why trust us

The values we share and years of experience allow us to create a place where professionalism and commitment are the foundation of a relationship with a Client. We know that trust can’t be won overnight. But we are certain that thanks to our philosophy, financial results and honest work we can build partner-like relationship with our Clients.

We focus our activities on three basic segments:

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